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Cogntive Domains

Q: How much is a subscription for Cognishape?

Q: How can I cancel Cognishape if I don’t want to pay after the free trial? Will I get charged if I don’t want it to charge me?

Q: I didn’t get enough time during my one week free trial, can I extend it?

Q: Will Cognishape work without allowing notifications?

Q: I think some of the tasks in Cognishape seem easy. Will it really help me? Is it meant for me?

Q: Do I have to complete 3 tasks in a day?

Q: There are other fun “brain games” out there that claim to help. How is Cognishape different?

Q: Why should I believe that Cognishape works to improve my brain’s function?

Q: Does Cognishape test my Cognitive ability?

Q: What is the test I’m getting in Cognishape with the circles and numbers?

Q: I’m having some technical issues, who can I contact?

Q: If I’d like other information about Cognishape is there someone I can ask?

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Cognishape started when two entrepreneurs joined forces with an expert clinical psychologist. Her career centered on identifying cognitive abilities that decline with age and finding easy, low-cost interventions to help. 


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