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Keep a sharp mind. 
Strengthen your brain. 
Sharpen your memory.

CogniShape empowers you to strengthen your mind and sharpen your memory using three scientifically-based, daily brain-exercises.

It's fun, free and effective.

Five minutes a day
helps cognition stay

If you’re concerned that age is beginning to impact your mental acuity and memory, you are not alone. We can help train your brain to keep it sharp. We will send you fun, easy, real-life activities to help you remain mentally active. Here's an example (we have so many more): 


"Try to remember the full names of 5 of your childhood friends. Was that easy? If so, try to remember where you met each one of them" 


Our innovative activities stimulate brain activity and promote good mental, emotional, and physical health - in just 5 minutes a day. 


Because the platform is deeply rooted in brain science, our real-life activities can improve your brain function. The latest science shows that only real-life training can have real-life impact. 

What is Cognizance


Each day, you'll get 3 short tasks via text message or Facebook Messenger (you choose).


The tasks take place in real-life (your kitchen, living-room etc.) and take 5 minutes a day.


Send us your answers. This will help us tailor future tasks to you. As time goes by, you'll feel sharper.

It works like a chat

How it Works

What People Are Saying

Anna, 66 years old

"I find myself waiting for the tasks every day. Each task is different and gets me thinking about something in a new and exciting way."

Richard, 69 years old

"CogniShape's daily tasks got me much more attentive and engaged in my day-to-day activities."

Andrew, 74 years old

"My wife and I are doing our tasks together. Every task includes a short challenge we can face together."


The Science

It is well known that cognitive abilities decline with healthy aging. Memory changes, along with other cognitive functions such as planning, reasoning, and inhibition. 

Scientists agree that a healthy brain involves high connectivity, allowing for normal functioning and compensation. Hence, a training program that influences and increases brain connectivity may have the greatest potential for generalizing improvement to untrained tasks.

CogniShape is designed for high ecological validity, providing training in real-life tasks, and measuring decline or improvement using implicit, indirect, objective and unrelated tests, based on the most recent scientific evidence.


Our users perceive CogniShape both as a tutor and as a friend. Through daily life assignments, we facilitate complex training of working memory, planning, inhibition and memory, contributing to the cognitive and the emotional well-being of the elderly.


In a rapidly changing world, CogniShape will help you stay relevant.

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